Good Underground Radio Show For April 15 2018

I started doing a Internet Radio Show that Airs on Western Reserve Radio every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7PM Eastern Time.

If you missed last week's Episode, here it is: Check it out and see if you like it or have any ideas on how to improve it. Or if you know someone who wants me to play their music. If you do have them get in touch with me on my facebook page.

If you want to find out more about the Artists you hear on this episode, please visit my Mahoning Valley Podcast Website here.

DL Stickler Full Production Radio Commercial Demo Financial Services


DL Stickler Voice Over Demo Financial Services Credit Counseling Commercial


DL Stickler Radio Imaging Production Demo

I voiced this and it was recorded at Medusa Audio Tampering in Youngstown OH.
I mastered it and produced it. Come by my Facebook Page and give me a like.
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The Colonel Full Soundtrack Design and Production

This was recorded at Medusa Audio Tampering in Youngstown OH
I wrote it and did the soundtrack design and mastering. How do you like it?

DL Stickler Radio Commercial Production Demo for Live Event

I recorded this at Medusa Audio Tampering in Youngstown OH. My voice and my production. Engineered by Will Ferraro

Music Bed:
Beach Party - Islandesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: